Friends, Loved Ones & Fans of Alien Comic

Hello Friends, Loved Ones & Fans of

Alien Comic
AKA Jack Bump

“The Legacy of Alien Comic” book, is underway, thanks to the Artspire Program at NYFA, which is helping coordinate my artist project to create both a book and exhibition of Tom’s work.

Over the years, many people encouraged Tom to write an autobiography, and gave him many reasons why he should, but Tom could never consent to be his own horn-blower… (what arrogance!)

To that end, I have taken on the task of doing it for him. I feel the best picture I could make must be a collective effort, a composite reflection. I would greatly welcome and appreciate everyone’s contribution in the form of anecdotes, memories, notes, tall tales, photographs, old programs, press clippings, etc., whatever you can lend me. You can submit material through email, snail mail, courier, or hand it to me in person. Any material used will be credited to the contributor. If you would like anything returned you would need to be very clear about that as you turn it over to me.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please use the contact page on this web site to get in touch about materials you wish to contribute. The deadline for inclusion in the book will be June 30, 2013, but why wait?


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