My first plays were done at la Mama, E.T.C. when it was located on 2nd Ave., between 8th & 7th Sts., in 1966 or 67. There were 2 one-acts “Hung”, directed by Ed Setrakian and starring Kevin O’Connor, and “Roommates”, directed by Robert Haddad. Ed directed a couple other plays of mine, “Happy Birthday”, a short one-act we did at The Old Reliable, a bar over on Ave. B & 1st St.) and “Myth (Or maybe Meth)”, a full length, two-act play that we had 2 productions of, in a theater on St. Mark’s Place (I think) and later on 14thSt. and 6th Ave.

I worked with John Vaccaro and his “Playhouse of the Ridiculous” in the late ’60’s and he directed “Cock-Strong”, a musical, (I wrote the original script and all the song lyrics) which we did at La Mama, E.T.C., in its present home on East 4th St.. I think that was 1968. We did “Cock-Strong” again, in repertory at La Mama, along with “Son of Cock-Strong” (also a musical, and a completely different play) and Jackie Curtis’ “Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit” (also a musical, for which I wrote 6 songs.)

“Cock-Strong” was a big hit, and the Playhouse took it to Europe in 1970-71, and it played in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

In the late ’90’s I began writing plays again, under the name Jack Bump, and had a few of them produced at downtown theaters. They were all directed by David Soul. In 1999, “Sport-Fuckers” at Theater for the New City. There were 2 productions actually, in June & September. Then I had “Dick Play” done at La Mama, “Deviants, Arise!” at Galapagos in Williamsburg, and “Butt-Crack Bingo, or Who’ll Carve The Turkey?” at La Mama.

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