Dear Friends of Tom Murrin/Alien Comic,

I am very happy and excited to give you this progress report on the archive of Alien Comic/Jack Bump and tell you where we are headed.

Many people have inquired about Tom’s work, concerned that his archive will be protected and that his plays, masks, and artwork will continue to be seen. Hearing this interest in Tom’s work is so gratifying. Tom will live on in his art and writing as well as in our hearts. I am working with many talented people are who have given me help and guidance on the various projects. Here is an update on where we stand.

Brian Cummings, an appraiser specializing in Popular Culture, has been advising me on the organization and presentation of Tom’s art, costumes and ephemera. As per his advice that the archive is ideally presented in the artist’s home studio, we have been working on cataloguing and organizing Tom’s work in his Ridge Street apartment and hope to have it ready for presentation in the next few months.

The many boxes of Tom’s writing, scripts, notes, flyers, postcards and correspondence have been put in order and the boxes labeled by two incredible artists: Laurel Carpenter and Laurie Berg, both very conscientious and dedicated to the task. With the assistance of Greg Zuccolo, I have been photographing all the masks, props, costumes and paintings. It’s very exciting as there is much work, and many pieces have not been seen for decades. To date, the cost in rent and fees to the assistants totals $12,800.

Our top candidate for acquiring the archive is the Fales Library at NYU. They have collected much work of East Village artists from the performance scene of the 1980s. We have been in touch with them and will be setting up a viewing of the archive upon completion of the work in a few months.

Larry Fessenden is organizing the digitization of Tom’s shows and plays from the eight big boxes of tapes: Beta, VHS, film, etc. The cost of transferring 16,150 minutes of his shows will run around $12,000. We will likely prioritize what tapes to digitize and work our way through them as funds are available.

“The Alien Comic” website has been redesigned with new social media features by Ethan Crenson, who worked with Tom since the creation of the web site. Jay Scheib has generously agreed to support this effort and the monthly domain and hosting expenses.

Erin Courtney and Scott Adkins have plans to organize a festival of Alien Comic and Jack Bump plays for October 2013, to end on Halloween.

Jonathan Berger has offered to help me find the right place for an exhibition of Tom’s work. I will have masks brought in from some of the earliest collectors of Tom’s work, some of which are in California, as well as drawing from the newly organized archive of material.

As you can see, there has been quite a bit of progress, plenty of protection of the work, and a lot of expenses. On Sunday March 10th Lucy Sexton will be hosting a brunch to benefit the archives and to talk about all of these projects in more detail. We welcome input on fundraising and on how best to accomplish this work. Donation of $25 – $100 per person is requested. RSVP to for more details.


Patricia Sullivan

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