Dear Friends of Tom Murrin/Alien Comic,

Many people have inquired about Tom’s work, concerned that his archive will be protected and that his plays, masks, and artwork will continue to be seen. Tom will live on in his art and writing as well as in our hearts. Here is an update on where we stand.

Over sixty boxes of Tom’s writing, scripts, notes, flyers, postcards and correspondence have been catalogued and labeled. Twenty-five boxes of masks, props and costumes have been organized and documented in photographs. This archive will be shown in Tom’s apartment, where the cataloging and photography were done. Collections, such as the Fales Library of NYU, will then see a slice of Tom’s life with his work. To date, the cost in rent and fees to the assistants totals $12,800.

Larry Fessenden is organizing the digitization of Tom’s shows and plays from the eight large boxes of tapes: Beta, VHS, film, etc. The cost of transferring 16,150 minutes of his shows will run around $12,000. We will likely prioritize what tapes to digitize and work our way through them, as funds are available.

I am working with many talented people are who have given me help and guidance on all aspects of this endeavor. I would welcome your input on fundraising and how best to accomplish this work.

All donations are tax-deductible. To contribute, go to

Thank you.


Patricia Sullivan